Monday, March 2, 2009


I ordered 25 birds from Welp Hatchery (25 is the smallest order available).

- 8 Cornish Rocks
- 7 Slow Broilers
- 5 Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers)
- 5 Barred Rocks

I wanted more of a diversity of egg layers, but Welp charges an additional $1.50 per sex or breed if you order less than 5.

I get an email today saying that the Cornish Rocks are hatched on a different schedule than the rest of the birds, so I either need to switch my order to 15 Slow Broilers or take shipment of 25 birds in each order. I told them that there's no way I can take shipment of 50 chickens, so to just switch my order.

I'm not real happy with them so far- I mean, why not just state that [the fact that they are hatched on a different schedule] on the website? Then, I asked if they'd be able to mark the breeds- a whole 4 breeds. They wanted an additional $0.25 PER BIRD to separate them and stick a sticker in each section marking the breed. Umm....seriously.


I'm hoping I'll be pleased once the chicks arrive.

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