Thursday, March 12, 2009

Egg Update & Chicks

Yay! Chicks should be here today or tomorrow, I can't wait! We've got a call in to the Post Office- they said that they normally just deliver them to the house, but they spread the word around that we want a call so we can pick them up ASAP.

I recandled eggs #1, #2 and #6. #1 was the one that was clear- still clear, and the air sac was still moving around so I broke it open (outside, just in case of stink). First of all, I can tell you that it did not stink. Secondly, the yolk was scrambled when I cracked it open, so it definitely wasn't viable.

Eggs #2 and #6 have definite veining in them, so it looks like 5 out of 5 eggs in the incubator are growing well:)

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